Hear what the experts are saying

A complete and easy to use guide, The Care Journal is a "must-have" for everyone with a loved one in a skilled nursing home!
Laurelyn, RN

Such a complete journal! As a retired RN who has worked in nursing homes for 14 years this is a wonderful way of keeping all the medical information organized and in one place. It would be a great benefit not only to those with a loved one in a nursing home but also but for every senior especially widows and widowers.   I ordered copies for myself, my husband, and as gifts for friends and other family members who have a loved one also in my husband's nursing home. Thank you for writing this book!
Pat C, RN

This Care Journal is a valuable resource for anyone who has a loved one in a nursing home. Moving a family member into a nursing home is a difficult and emotional process. This book provides useful advice and wisdom to make the entire experience less stressful!
Beth P

Placing a family member or a friend in a nursing home is a new and sometimes frightening experience. Most folks are unaware of exactly what care and services are available and what State and Federal nursing home regulations require. The Care Journal is an excellent educational tool for both family members, friends and the patient. It provides a portable way to document ongoing care, progress and specific events so this information can be shared with doctors and family members. I am thankful to have this book!
Barb, RN

What a fabulous workbook! I do private duty nursing and this is a wonderful way to keep all the information organized and at my finger tips for each patient.  
Vanessa, LPN

I am 89 years old and would have loved to have this book when my sister was in a nursing home.  I am going to make it easy on my children and keep all my permanent medical information in my copy of the Care Journal so they will have it should there be a medical event. An important Christmas gift to be sure!
Ms. Bonnie