Crystal Sea Books, LLC is delighted to announce the release of a valuable new tool to help friends and family members improve the lives of a loved one in a Nursing Home. One of the best ways to support a nursing home patient is to visit often and keep a record of important information and events. The Care Journal provides an easy way for family, friends, and caregivers to keep track of that vital information.
The Care Journal for a Skilled Nursing Home Patient was specifically created to help family members and loved ones better understand the nursing home environment. This information can be helpful in those cases where a loved one has recently entered a nursing home, but it is just as important for those patients who have been there for weeks or even years.

The Care Journal goes beyond just providing helpful explanations and tips. It also provides an easy means of tracking the care, services and medical information. The book is thorough and easy to navigate. Its 216 pages are divided into 5 parts:

     1.  Nursing Home Care Information
     2.  Activities of Daily Living Services
     3. Dementia and Alzheimer's Care
     4. Permanent Medical Information and History
     5. Helpful Resources

Each section provides a fill-in-the-blank record section as well as explanatory notes.
The book is also a great way to keep permanent medical information even if the loved one is not in a nursing home. It can be useful for private duty staff providing care either in-home or in an institutional setting.
The Care Journal makes a fabulous gift for any friends or family members who have a patient in a nursing home.

Care Journal's newest book to help loved ones, caregivers and family members who have a patient in a Nursing Home